Ways to Treat Your Pet’s Skin Allergies

Unlike humans, pets don’t wear socks, shoes, or clothing to protect their skin. Although humans are exposed to the same allergens as their pets, our skin is far more protected and disinfected (because we bathe regularly to remove these allergens). Because pets lack the same protection as humans, allergens tend to cling to their skin and coat. Identifying whether or not your pet has a skin allergy can be difficult to pinpoint. A few indications your pet may be suffering from skin allergies is: scratching and rubbing, skin rashes, skin thickening or color changes, hair loss from biting and chewing, and an unusual odor. All of these symptoms can be caused by environmental allergies which can typically be treated multiple ways. Here are a few tips to help you figure out the best option to help your pet through this rough patch.

Bathing & Grooming:

Do you allow your cat to roam the neighborhood? Have you caught your dog digging holes in the backyard? Pets love to explore and sometimes this includes getting dirty. After your pet enters the home from outside, make sure to wipe down their coat with a damp cloth to remove potential allergens. A bathing routine can be highly effective because this can help to remove allergens that collect on the skin and in the fur. Leave-on conditioners, medicated shampoos, and ointments can help tame the allergens and at the least eliminate the itch.

Clean your home:

How often do you clean your home? This a question pet owners need to answer honestly when faced with pet skin allergens. Maintaining a sterile environment, can keep your pets healthy and happy. Sweep, vacuum, and mop throughout the week and don’t forget to wash pet bedding.


Would you consider taking your pet to therapy to help with their skin allergies? If so, immunotherapy may be the solution. Immunotherapy is the process in which a pet undergoes a desensitization period using specific allergens to desensitize a pet to the proteins.

As a responsible pet owner, the health of your pet should be top priority. Addressing issues such as skin allergies can improve the life of your pet substantially. While the treatment of skin allergies is important, so is the food that you feed your pets. Holistic Select is dedicated to providing natural and healthy food to assist your pets in leading a healthy and natural lifestyle. Check out our history of leading in nutritional excellence for pets.